Data Cleansing, Integration & Data Quality Management with MIDAS


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    Aug 17th, 2010
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Learn more at MIDAS -Multi Industry Data Anomaly Solution is one of the core services offered by Bodhtree Consulting Ltd. It was designed and developed at our state of the art solutions lab in India. It has been certified by SAP. MIDAS addresses the problem of data anomalies in various verticals, while generating and managing relevant and clean data. It is a solution that helps collaborate and integrate data for optimum use. It is flexible enough to be a SaaS or an on-premise service or on turnkey basis. Organizations deploying SAP, CRM, or SCM need to align all other applications and systems - whether internal or external - as a means of collaborating with partners and vendors, streamlining their operations, and maximizing their IT investments. We currently provide MIDAS solution across various industries in America, Europe, India and APAC regions.


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