CHARETTA - "Lights Out"

Official Music Video

Video Date:
    Nov 22nd, 2011
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CHARETTA - LIGHTS OUT Filmed & Directed by: JayR Castillo & Sigh Robes Produced by: J Castillo Films ( Makeup: Anna Naso Location: Keith Ray/Broadway Electric Supply (Huntington Station, NY) Fighting Choreographer: Leo Goodman Production Assistant: Diane Downing Peterson CHARETTA: Angelina DelCarmen, Pablo LaFrossia, Chris Fullam, Richard Mollo, Adonis Sanchez Cast & Crew: Dee Dial, Dan Acosta, RadioJ, Evan Pomeranz, Ann Christiansen-Pomeranz, Mike Sanchez, Krystal Lord, Alex Helkin, Kelly Giller, Matt Erwick, Ryan Peterson, Laura Biondo, Vinny Biondo, Chad Garlisi, Kary Brown Oliver, Christine Walls, Leo Goodman, Frank Grullon. For more details about the band visit:


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