Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use for this site are simple - No illegal activities are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, uploading of copyrighted materials, of which you are not the copyright owner, uploading videos encouraging illegal activities or anything else determined to be illegal as defined by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida.
Any materials found to violate this policy will be removed, and continued violations will result in your account being deleted and your IP address banned.
The Video Channel reserves the right to remove any material from it's servers and to delete and/or ban a user at it's own discretion. If you believe your material or account has been wrongly removed, you may email appeals@thevideochannel.net with your reason(s) why it should not be removed. In all cases, The Video Channel has the final determination regarding removing of materials and accounts.

Adult Content

Any materials (videos, images, etc.) containing adult content must be flagged as such when uploading the adult content file(s). Failure to mark adult content will result in the offending material being removed from the server, and repeated violations will result in your account being removed.

Space Limitations

Free accounts are limited to 5gb of disk space, which is approximately 3-4 hours of videos. If you require more space, you can upgrade your account to a paid subscription for a small monthly fee. Paid subscriptions can store up to 100gb of files. Contact us if you require more than 100gb, or if you are interested in a dedicated server.